Best Hens Party Themes


Hens parties are the perfect way to celebrate a bride-to-be’s big day – and when it comes to planning a hens party, one of the first things to sort out is the theme. 

A hens party theme can range from something more traditional to something completely over the top. Some people like to go all out, while others like to keep it low key.

But let’s be honest – a hens party simply isn’t a hens party if you don’t put at least a little bit of thought into the theme. 

A theme is a great excuse to make the celebration a lot more fun. It also gives ladies an excuse to dress up in fun, extravagant outfits to match the theme.

Here are five great hens party themes to get you started.


5 Best Hens Party Themes


1. Burlesque


Burlesque is the ultimate hens party theme – it’s full of glitz and glam. It can also be very risque for those of you who are a bit more on the frisky side. At a burlesque-themed hens party, all the girls can let their hair down, dress in sexy outfits, and get wild.  


At a burlesque party, guests can capture the spirit of Moulin Rouge, drink champagne, douse themselves in glitter, and indulge in a night of dancing, cabaret, and even striptease. Burlesque parties are all about feeling confident, having fun, and celebrating beauty and sexiness. It’s a unique way to commemorate the bride if you and your group are open to a sexier, funner, and more risque type of hens party. 


2. White Dress Theme 


What better way to celebrate a bride than getting dressed up in all white? White theme parties are fun, light, airy, and, of course, sexy. You can set a formal (or informal) white dress code, decorate with white flowers and balloons, and even prepare an all-white photoshoot. 


Dressing in white is a great way to celebrate a bride’s last big night as a single lady, and there’s no better way to do it than wearing the same colour that she plans to wear on the big day.


3. 90s Theme

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The 90s were an iconic time in history and pop culture – so why not bring it back?


A 90s theme is a great way to get everyone dressed up in their best retro and old-school clothes and bring back some of the best 90s music, movies, and style. You can blast 90s music all weekend, do 90s karaoke, and dress up in 90s gear like fanny packs, scrunchies, tie-dye sets, and more. You can even consider dressing up as one of your favorite 90s musicians or actors – think Spice Girls or Clueless.


4. Playboy Theme


A playboy hens party is the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last days before she gets married. Playboy parties are all about being sexy, fun, and confident. The theme gives groups of girls the perfect excuse to dress up in sexy costumes and get into some shenanigans together.


A playboy-themed party can involve all sorts of fun activities, including going to a strip club, taking pole dancing lessons, wearing playboy bunny costumes, partaking in playboy-themed games and activities, dancing the night away at the club, and more. It’s a great way to get together with your girlfriends, get dressed up, and get a little rowdy together.


5. Keep it Traditional


If you or the bride prefer to keep things low key or more traditional, you can always opt for the traditional route. You and your girlfriends can create custom t-shirts for the group, robes, play traditional hens party games and activities, wear sashes, and celebrate the bride the old-fashioned way. This is a great option if you want an event that’s easier to organise and are just looking to celebrate the traditional way.


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