Bridal Party Mask Ideas

Bridal Mask Ideas

Two years ago, if you’d have said we’d be shopping for wedding face masks, we would have told you that you were totally from another planet. Yet here we are in 2022. For many couples, it’s an exciting year as their postponed weddings will finally be coming to life. For others, they managed to skip out on the COVID gathering restrictions by planning their special day for 2022 in the first place. 

No matter whether you’re celebrating for the new date or the original date, the moment you walk down the aisle and marry the partner of your dreams is one that you’ll likely remember for years to come. It’s often a once in a lifetime opportunity to have all your loved ones together in the right place for one epic night of celebrating, dancing and toasting to the start of your new chapter. As you’re likely to have a big mix of people gathering, it’s important that you take some extra precautions to ensure you keep everyone safe.  While there are plenty of things you can do to boost your health measures, one of the simplest strategies is to have wedding masks. 

While face masks are a relatively new addition to the fashion scene, there are heaps of choice beyond your typical blue surgical masks. In fact, there are a stack of wedding inspired options that will have all your guests feeling super stylish – well still keeping them safe. We’ve done a deep dive of all the different options being used by people across the world and we’ve put together a list of our favourites. Read on for our top five bridal party mask ideas.


Top 5 Bridal Party Mask Ideas

Save the date disposable face mask

Given everyone at the wedding will likely be wearing a mask, a simple way to ensure no one forgets theirs is to send one out with their invitation. We have seen a growing number of couples over the last two years actually incorporating the invitation into the mask by sending a ‘save the date’ mask. Basically, this means the mask has the date of the wedding and the happy couple’s names written on it. This is then usually followed by a more formal and detailed invitation at a later date when more details are available. 

There are plenty of places online that offer to make these masks for you, giving. You have the opportunity to personalise the design with different materials, colours and templates. For a more DIY option, you can also buy your own masks and then either handwrite on the material yourself or stitch the message by hand. It’s a quirky and memorable way to get everyone excited for your big day while still keeping safety paramount.

Hand embroidered floral face mask

While every wedding is inherently different, most celebrations use flowers as part of the styling. It’s a simple way to give your space colour, vibrancy and life, no matter what style you’re trying to achieve. There are a variety of different options and combinations you can choose, all depending on your budget and vision. Once you’ve locked in your florist and arranged your approach, you can also consider tying this into your outfit by finding a hand embroidered floral face mask to match. 

These simple yet very cute masks come in a variety of different colours and designs, ensuring you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your floral arrangements. You also have the option of making this a bold, bright pop of colour to stand out against your white dress, or something more subtle that blends in with the understated tones of your outfit. 


Matching bride and groom face masks 

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are often a few things kept secret between the bride and groom to ensure they are both still surprised on the big day. The most obvious being the fact that the groom doesn’t traditionally see the bride’s dress until the moment she’s walking down the aisle or if they do a first look before the ceremony. While we love this sense of anticipation and excitement, it’s also nice to have something special between the two of you that you can share. 

In today’s world, that’s seen plenty of couples opting for matching face masks. Often made in the same colours of the event styling, it’s a great way to tie the bride and groom to each other, reflect their vision for the day and really just bring everything together. The most popular options usually say “Mr” and “Mrs” on the respective masks, as well as the date of their special day. This also gives them a unique memento to look back on for years to come and remember all the details of their moment in time. 


French lace bridal mask 

Many women spend weeks or even months searching for the perfect wedding dress and the right option is totally different for every person. Once they’ve found their dream outfit, they can then start thinking about their hair, make-up and accessories. It’s important to follow this process in order to ensure everything ties in together. As well as jewellery, hair pieces, veils and all that jazz, brides also have the opportunity to style their outfit with a beautiful mask too. 

One of our favourite designs are the ultra-feminine French lace varieties, which can tie in so beautifully with a white wedding dress. If French lace doesn’t quite suit your vibe, you may also consider embroidered lace, ivory Chantilly lace or ivory sequin. Whether ever option you go with, you really can’t go wrong!


Bridal party matching masks

Everyone wants to remember their wedding day for as long as time, and the same is true when it comes to the special days of your nearest and dearest. Being asked to be a bridesmaid for one of your family and friends is such an honor that it’s nice to have something to help you remember the day. That’s where a collection of matching bridal masks comes in. 

Here, you’ve got the opportunity to give everyone a mask in a colour that matches your event styling and you can even personalise the design by including their name on the fabric. Bonus points if you can get the groomsmen into matching ones too! Hosting a wedding in 2022 will undoubtedly be one of your highlights of this year and years to come. Be sure to celebrate in style while also keeping everyone safe with these bridal mask ideas. For more fun tips or assistance planning your celebrations, reach out to the Wicked Hen’s team today.  

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