Gold Coast Spa Retreats for your Hens Party

Wicked Hens Party Gold Coast Spa Retreat

Here is a list of tranquil spa retreats in and around the Gold Coast to help you recenter and rejuvenate before your big day (if the traditional idea of a hens party on the Gold Coast makes you want to crawl under your bed with a pillow covering your ears to drown the noise out because you’re not the kind of girly who enjoys deafening music in crowded spaces).  

 Bonus- your girlfriends will love you for it! 

1. Soak Bathhouse 

Wicked Hens Parties Soak Bath House Spa Retreat


A spa that does not require a forty-minute journey (if taking in the scenery isn’t your thing). Soak Bathhouse is a short walk from Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast and is surrounded by wonderful restaurants and cafés. If your group isn’t carpooling, I guarantee none of your gals will complain about the long drive!!!

Moving on to what you’ll do at Soak Bathhouse, or rather what you won’t do because every treatment at this spa is worth trying. From open-air hot spas to communal mineral pools, cold plunges, steam rooms, saunas, and a range of signature treatments, there’s a lot you can plan based on the vibes of your group and what you need.  

2. O’Reilly’s Lost World Spa 

O'reilly's Rainforest Retreat

If you like to earn your rewards (read: no ice cream if you don’t work out), you’ll adore being able to explore the hiking tracks on the Lamington National Park pathways around O’Reilly’s Lost World Spa, which is around a 40-minute drive from the Gold Coast (50 on a bad day). When you return from an early morning stroll and have soaked up the sun, you can relax and reward yourself with a massage, body treatment or facial. You can end the day by watching the sun set on your way back to the Gold Coast for a night out/in, or you can stay overnight at O’Reilly’s rainforest retreat.

3. Gwinganna Lifestyle Resort

Photography By Paul A. Broben 0418757727


If opulence and grandeur are your love languages, your self-love and care should reflect that as well; that is why I suggest the largest spa retreat in the Southern Hemisphere for your hens party, which is conveniently located on the Gold Coast. Their extensive variety of therapies will ensure that each of your ladies finds something they’re interested in and want to try.

Also, if you’re a horse girl, this is the place to be!!! THEY OFFER EQUINE THERAPY, as well as a million other things (as they should- did I mention they’re the largest spa in the southern hemisphere?) that are difficult to find or therapies that celebs and influencers rave about!

If you’ve made it this far and said to yourself, “All of this sounds amazing but I don’t have the time, energy or bandwidth to plan everything.” Wicked hens has got your back.

Also, here’s an option that will help you and your bank account rest easy: 

4. Escarpment Retreat 

Wicked Hens Parties Gold Coast Spa Retreats Escarpment Retreat And Day Spa

Located on the magnificent Mount Tamborine, Escarpment Retreat provides a choice of treatment options. Only 40 minutes from the Gold Coast, the drive is gorgeous, and the destination is even more stunning. The best bang for your buck, especially if you’re planning a large hens party on the Gold Coast and want to have an unforgettable event without sacrificing delight.

If you’re looking for more ideas for your hens party or just help with planning the same, contact us! 

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