Hens Night Decorations

Wicked Hens Parties Hens Night Decorations
  • The bride to be headpiece
    Dress up the Bride is always a must do! Mini bridal veils, a glitzy tiara, bridal sass and perhaps a penis necklace are always popular! Get creative!
  • The night time dare list
    Get every Hen to write down a night mission for the bride to be! Think of naughty, exciting and entertaining!
  • The ‘accessories’
    Thread some lollies onto a necklace, then enlist random willing males to remove the lollies from the bride’s neck… with their teeth..
  • A bit of burlesque
    Add a hint of naughty to the Hen’s outfit to make her feel marvellous, risqué and daring. A feather boa, or sexy garter. Perhaps ask every hens to bring a naughty accessory or clothing for the hen to wear at some point during the night.
  • A blow-up sexy doll
    Of course he’s the only male your allowed at the party! The best part? He’s naked…
    Why not add it to the night time dare list…’mission carry him around all night’.
  • X-rated essentials
    Naughty accessories and penis paraphernalia are a must have at all Hens nights! Penis straws and lollypops, blow ups, penis moulds always exciting!
  • A designated photographer
    Photos very important! We need proof of the crazy mishaps and moments that happen on your Hens night out! So it is very important because when’s the parties over, you’ll want to have more memories than the fuzzy ones! But remember what happens on the hens stays on the hens, right? If one of your girls is less likely to down ten champagnes, make her iPhone the official camera of the night – and charge her with getting pics of all the funniest moments, then sharing them with the crew the next day.

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