Best escape rooms in Melbourne

Best Escape Rooms In Melbourne Wickedhens

We spent our fair share of timing in the wedding game to know that celebrations come in all different shapes and sizes. For some people, it’s a small and intimate affair with just their nearest and dearest that is heavily steeped in tradition. For others, it’s an opportunity to throw the rule book out the window and do the complete opposite of everything we’ve come to expect from the Hollywood blockbusters. 


Whatever it is calling your name, our job at Wicked Hens is to help you put together a celebration that ticks all your boxes – and more! This simple goal has seen us help plan parties for people from all walks of life, to suit every taste and for every budget too. In more recent times, we’ve actually noticed more and more people seeking out options that steer a little away from the old classics and towards some more creative options. 

One of our most recent favourite options for those seeking to go down this pathway is an escape room experience. It’s the perfect activity to bring the entire gang together, bring out the laughs and create a lifetime supply of memories. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to be locked in a room with all their nearest and dearest, with no way out until you’ve cracked a seemingly impossible code? 

Looking for something a little different and fun for your hen’s party? Want to visit the best escape rooms in Melbourne while you’re celebrating your upcoming wedding? Read on to hear our top picks of escape rooms across Melbourne


Top 5 Escape Rooms in Melbourne


Ukiyo Melbourne 

Ukiyo Melbourne Escape Room Wickedhens

Ukiyo is simply another universe. There really is no other way to put it. The Brunswick based escape room is regularly updated, which means you’re guaranteed to walk away with a completely different experience every single time. Last time we visited; the featured escape room was Kuebiko: The Crumbling Prince. The difference with this immersive and interactive experience is that it’s story-driven, not just a bunch of puzzles flung together. When you combine this unique approach with the top-notch set design, state-of-the-art tech and ultra-creative concepts, it’s one of the best escape rooms on offer in Melbourne. Being located in Brunswick, means you can easily head out to one of the many local bars, pubs or clubs afterwards to celebrate your win or drown your loss in a pool of cocktails. 

Address: 54 Moreland Road, Brunswick, Vic


Rush Escape Game 

Rush Escape Game Melbourne Wickedhens

Just like the name would suggest, Rush Escape Room will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush – no matter if it’s your first or twentieth time visiting an escape room. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to test your wits as you coordinate your time and complete time-based challenges to escape the room. Each of the six spaces has a completely different theme, which ensures there will be something for absolutely everyone invited to your party. One of our favourite rooms is undoubtedly ‘The Last Knight Rises’, where you can prove your smarts as a knight of the round table. Whether you walk away with a win or a loss, it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience that everyone can hold onto forever. What more could you want than that?

Address: 160 Toorak Rd, South Yarra


LOST in Melbourne Escape Rooms 

Wickedhens Lost In Melbourne Escape

LOST is a truly immersive experience that will have you completely engaged from the very first moment you step through the door. Located in the heart of the city, this escape room is known for its engaging storytelling, real authentic surroundings and jaw-dropping special effects. In fact, it’s all so realistic that you’ll forget it’s actually a game. LOST offers three immersive experiences that cater to both newcomers and experienced escape room enthusiasts too. With a range of gameplay ideas, seriously engaging puzzles and different levels of difficulty, this one will tick everyone’s boxes. 

Address: 298 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000


Escape Room Melbourne

Escape Room Melbourne Erm Wickedhens

Escape Room Melbourne is fondly known by locals as ERM and it’s the city’s first escape room. After being in business for plenty of years, they’ve managed to the fine-tune the art of what it takes to deliver the perfect escape room experience. In just 70 minutes, you’ll work in a team of 2 or 6 to unravel the mystery at hand. Whether you’re getting mine workers to safety in time, entering the mind of a World War 2 veteran or battling your way through Kellar’s Magic Emporium, you’ll have the entire party working together before you know it. If you’re bringing along a bigger gang, don’t be scared off by the group sizes here. You can easily split everyone up into smaller groups and send everyone head to head against each other. We might not be able to promise anything more than bragging rights, but we can assure you that it’s well worth it. 

Address: 12 – 18 Yarra Street, South Melbourne 3025


The One Room Escape 

The One Room Escape Melbourne Wickedhens

When you’re celebrating your upcoming wedding, how could we wrap up a top five list of escape rooms in Melbourne without including “The One”? Just because you’ve found your happily ever after, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to miss out on searching for ‘The One’!! These escape rooms provide a great mixture of fun and challenging environments that can be enjoyed by everyone from your 18 year old cousin to your Great Aunt Jan. There are five rooms available for you to try, including the likes of the “green Hospital”, “Return to the Thebes” or even “The Legend of the Five Holy Pearls”. This is one you’ll need to come and try for yourself to truly believe how good escape rooms can be, because good times are absolutely guaranteed. 

Address: 9 Aristoc Rd, Glen Waverly 

If you’re looking to plan your upcoming hen’s party, we’ve got plenty more ideas up our sleeves to share. Simply say hello to our team today and we’ll get the planning underway. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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