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We’ve all been to one of those hen’s parties. We’re talking about the ones with the questionably shaped straws, the stripper that turns out you went to school together and that end with the bride wrapped around the toilet. 

While some ladies are looking to recreate a wild scene from The Hangover for their big day, not everyone is after something quite so off-the-rails. If you’re anything like us, your dream Hen’s Party simply needs your besties, some good vino and plenty of laughs. 

Does that sound like you? Well, a Wine Tour has your name all over it then. With world-class vineyards across the country, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice in this department. The day will involve plenty of drinking, delicious food and great company. The only thing that can trump this winning combination is to add in a few wine tour games. To help kick start your hen’s party planning, we’ve rounded up our top five wine tour game ideas.

Wine Bingo

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Bingo is having its moment. No longer is this game purely reserved for senior citizens at the RSL at 9am on a Wednesday. We’re ready to bring this game back for a much younger and rowdier generation, and we reckon that’s worth making a toast. 

Throw out your number cards and get ready to discover who has the most discerning taste buds with a little game of wine bingo – or shall we say, Wine-O. Create a bingo card by putting one type of wine in each square. Get the winery staff on-board to help you set up a blind taste test and then each party-goer is given the opportunity to sniff and sip the wine, before placing a token on the square they think matches each sample of wine. The winner is the first person to reach bingo but only if all their guesses are correct!

Describe the wine 

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There is never a shortage of words when the ladies are together, so it’s time to put all that chit-chat to good use. Describe The Wine is one of our favourite games because it never fails to deliver endless laughs – and you might realise just how many unnecessary words you use every day. 

Set each party-goer up with a different glass of wine and take it in turns to sip the vino before describing it to the group. You can also make it a little livelier by creating prompt cards such as, “If this card were a celebrity, who would it be?”, or “Use a word that begins with L to describe this wine”.

Categories – with a wine twist 

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Categories is a classic that is whipped out by everyone from primary school students to university housemates. The essence of the game is that someone chooses a “category” and then you go around the table naming items that fit within the group. The first person to hesitate or repeat an item is out, and the game starts again with a new category. 

To give the game a winery-spin, you can mix it up by only using alcohol-themed categories. Think: red wines, cocktail ingredients, tequila brands, etc. You can also make your soon-to-be-bride feel like the guest of honour that she is by making the themes relate back to her life. How many ex-boyfriends do you think you could all name?

Wine Trivia 

Hens Party Wine Tour Games 05We all like to think that we can talk the talk when it comes to wine tasting, but how many people can actually walk the walk? Put your money where your mouth is and test your wine-making knowledge with a game of wine trivia. There are plenty of fun-facts online that you can use to create your own wine-related questions, or you can even split the gang up and have each group contribute a round of questions. We would say that the losing team should shout everyone else drinks – but these drinks are already on the house baby! 

House Rules 

Hens Party Wine Tour Games 10So, it might not technically be your house, but you’re still in charge so we reckon you can totally make the rules too. After all, you are the one that has put all the hard yards into planning this special celebration for the soon-to-be-bride. Along with the typical and goes-without-saying “no drama” and “BYO good vibes” rules, you can spice up the gathering by implementing a silly mandate for everyone to follow. 

Think back to your uni days if you’re struggling for ideas, and I’m sure this game was thrown around at almost every party. For example, your rule might be, “If you sip your wine using your right have, you’re out”, or “if you say the word ‘fruity’, you have to finish your drink”. They might sound like pretty simple rules to follow, but things usually change after a few glasses of wine.

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