How Well Does The Bride Know Her Future Hubby To Be?

How Well Does The Bride Know Her Hubby Game Wicked Hens Parties

Before the bachelorette party starts, the Maid of Honor should contact the groom to be with a list of questions for the game – video taping the groom is a great way to make it more interesting and funny!
Do a few easy questions but then spice it up a bit with a few intimate and embarrassing moments!

Example question ideas:

  1. Where did they first meet?
  2. What is his favourite hobby? (besides the bride to be that is!)
  3. If he could be a superhero which superhero would he be?
  4. List the things that he would find in his wallet?
  5. If he won a holiday for 4 people who would he take?
  6. What was the groom’s first job?
  7. What is the groom’s dream car?
  8. What is his favorite beer?
  9. Who is the groom’s celebrity crush?
  10. What is his favourite naughty position?
  11. Name something the groom’s is afraid of?
  12. What is his favourite body part of yours?
  13. If he could go anywhere in the world where would he go?
  14. What is the groom’s dirty little secret?
  15. Who was (insert name) first kiss?

Questions that have a story, specific days or use of certain numbers are always winners and really get the whole group involved! At the end of the questions ask the groom how many questions he thinks the bride will get right, then compare at the end of the game! Lets hope its more than the groom says!. A nice way to end this game is to give the bride to be her Hens party presents from the girls as a prize for answering the questions … assuming she doesn’t get them all wrong of course! This is the Wicked party planners favourite Hens party game so make sure you copy this one down.

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