Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truth And A Lie Wicked Hens Parties

This is a great hens party game for breaking the ice and finding out some interesting fun facts or stories about the bride to be and the other women at the Hens party…perhaps there is a secret from the girl of the hour that you haven’t heard yet.

How to play:

  • Each Hen’s partygoer must introduce herself and then tell the group three things about herself – two truths and one lie.
  • Then the remaining Hens besties must each guess which statement was false.
  • When each participant has placed her bet, the “liar”, she must confess to her lie.
  • Why not make it interesting and every lady who gets the liar wrong has to take a shot?
  • The truths are often way crazier than the made-up lies, which usually creates opportunities for story swapping (and is generally hilarious).

For example, “My first kiss was when I was 12, I failed my drivers 3 times before I got it, I hardly go to the beach because I hate the feel of sand between my feet.”

This is great hens game to get the night started and as the night kicks on things tend to get a bit naughty and sassy.

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